Campaign Materials

Video materials supplied, courtesy of the World Fishing Network, to help educate anglers about viral hemorrhagic septicemia, its impact on fish in the Great Lakes, and steps to take to help prevent the disease from spreading.
Fish Health: Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia
World Fishing Network. An interview with Dr. Kathleen Hartman of the USDA. Discussion includes the VHS virus found in the Great Lakes and tips for the angler on how to prevent damage to our lakes, rivers and streams.
PSA: Prevent the Spread of VHS (30 sec)
PSA: VHS Prevention (30 sec)
Courtesy of World Fishing Network
“Help Save Our Waters”
Walleye and the Fish Band Sing to Protect Great Lakes Fish from VHS
U.S. Department of Agriculture. (2:20 min) Educational animated video about VHS and how to prevent its spread to protect fish species in the Great Lakes region.